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Body language Essay Example For Students

Non-verbal communication Essay Nora: substance shaded. Arent they lovely? Nara: (look sat him for a second) disgrace on you (flicks him on the ear with the stocking) (pg66-67) Nora is energized and merry more often than not so her non-verbal communication is additionally very puerile simply like her, she is continually bouncing applauding or playing. Nora:(walks around the room) She additionally acts like an animal to please Helmer, she acts like a skylark and squirrel as she continues murmuring and packages. Nora: yes,(starts murmuring again as she heads toward him) pg24 Nora:(hums and grins, unobtrusively, happily. ) Hmm pg26 Noras activities are represented by her relationship to Helmer. She will successfully keep away from inconvenience, pout, and untruth, act whimsically or utilize her female charm to pick up what she needs. She can't comprehend that the word outside her home is frequently savage and that doesn't submit to tears, Nora: thatd be unsanitary stunt! (nearly in tears). pg. 49. Where similarly as with Mrs Linde she talks like a spoilt little kid who is attempting to flaunt her fanciful satisfaction however of course she has a difference in tone in act 3 when she admits to Mrs Linde that she acquired the cash from Krogstad. With Krogstad her tone never appears to change anyway in act2 from the start she him also a word to any one however then she plays with him attempting to state that he will be liable for her activities. Nora simply like an edgy kid with nobody to trust so she converses with herself. There are seven monologs present in the play anyway they where additionally a way that Ibsen used to show the crowd Noras emotions and contemplations, each of Noras discourse is energetic and sensitive yet on Act3, when Nora chooses to leave Helmer her discourse hold its structure. Normal for collective stages are does not shout anymore or utilization of adolescent articulation, for example, pooh or goodness yes Helmer it would be ideal if you please(pg26). She utilizes straightforward definitive sentences and affirmations, Nora: that is only the point you have never gotten me. An incredible wrong has been done to me, Torvald. First by father and afterward by you (pg97) Mrs Linde talks unreservedly and legitimately anyway her words regularly stable cold and void. She talks legitimately forthright, she utilizes instant stages however with more straightforward and clear significance than Rank. Her talks uncovers a gathered settled psyche, sure of its own sentiments. She utilizes straightforward declaratives sentences, some of the time hanging a few comments along with conjunctions, for example, yet and. At the point when she talks about her own life her sureness vacillates and she talks in broken stages. Mrs Linde fells better than Nora as she had more understanding and obligations. On the in opposition to Mrs Linde Dr Rank who is both truly and ethically corrupted. He talks in a roundabout way and utilizations hyperboles. His discourse contain figures from money related and moral domains of experience: Rank: well there we have it, its that mentality that is transforming human culture into a medical clinic His sentiments of forlornness equal those of Mrs Linde and appear differently in relation to the out energetically agreeable Helmer family. He doesn't communicate his felling however his non-verbal communication all he appears to do is sit as he has the disease. In spite of the fact that he is infatuated with Nora, he never appears to show it or express it however his non-verbal communication (there will never be where it says, he contacts her or looks profound into Noras eye) Rank gives no indication of adoration. At the asking he gives the articulation that he sees Nora as a little girl. Adolf Eichmann EssayEveryone knows a Mike you know an individual who can stroll into a partyand with in 20 mins or less can be on private standing with one of thegirls and he appears to experience no difficulty by any stretch of the imagination. How does this Mike persondo it? What is about him that draws in every one of these females? Well the answeris much more less difficult than youd anticipate. Mike has an unconsciouscommand for non-verbal communication and he utilizes it expertly in some strangeway Mike is stating Im accessible, Im manly. Im forceful andknowledgeable. At that point he fines or sees a young lady he feels pulled in as well, hezeros on them and sends the message Im intrigued, in you. Youattract me. Theres something about you that dazzles me and I wantto recognize what it is. How can he signal this fair with his body? Is itin the manner in which Mike looks? Perhaps in the manner Mike strolls? Talks? Moves?Dresses? or on the other hand possibly he has caught some so rt of Aura that he haslearned to contains or has? Actually Mike has figured out how to walkwith a specific elegance and move in a presumptuous arrogant Im a person and Ill getyou sort of walk and development its very wonderful the way this guydoes it and its clever. Its the kind of beauty that excites a keeps an eye on envyand a womens interests. At that point after he has caught their inclinations thenext step starts and gracious it gets better!He stolls over to incline toward something and afterward his Posture andstance adds to the simple certainty of his development. He at long last leansagainst something and afterward he remains there finding and looking at thewomen in the room at the same time working on something while he remains there. In some kind of crude way he conveys many little motions in aunconscious way. They shout sex and he stands their in a manner thatdoes the shouting. He may remain with his hips pushed outward andhis legs somewhat separated he seems as though a person out of an old western film. Heis saying Im searching for a ladies anybody intrigue give me a sign. Thesignal is the eyes and the manner in which they are sitting. He needs to grab thegirls attention, and in the event that that eye trade is made, at that point he realizes that they areinterested. He looks and holds it only somewhat longer than heshould. He doesnt permit her eyes to slide away and afterward he makes hisway over to her. This is the best piece of what the book calls a mental game. He plunks down close to the young lady. He needs to breakdown her guarded hindrance so he sees certain things so as to dothis, for example, are her arms crossed, this is an indication of defensive measures,how is her stance, and other individual thi ngs that he has aced theability to peruse. This person Mike had a very high achievement rate atgetting any young lady and he utilized non-verbal communication to peruse and to communicateto all of them. The ladies that are intrigued let Mikeknow and afterward he heads toward where they are sitting. He makes smalltalk and afterward he starts the following stage to his get he starts to flatterthem with his un isolated consideration something that perhaps they need intheir lives and afterward he sits somewhat nearer than whats agreeable but,not a lot to truly uneasiness them and he generally gets the young lady. Weall know a Mike and now I have a superior comprehension of how Mikeworks. The following area of this book Id like to talk about is over the useand maltreatment of non-verbal communication. Once in a while people who know how toexpress themselves in non-verbal communication start to abuse its powerfulmeans of correspondence. You should be made mindful that your bodydont realize how to lie. Unknowingly, it transmits your contemplations asyou crease your arms, fold your legs, stand, slump, walk, tone of voice,eyes and the manner in which you move them and hold them, and even the way youhold your mouth in specific positions. There are a great many gesturesyou can make and use to over use or even maltreatment these signs to getanything you could need or need from individuals. You can fuse yourknowledge of control and your body to make a pretty powerfulcombination of control over another person. There are not many individuals who have addition such an ability as thatIve depicted above at the same time, the individuals who can have a special powerand ought to be mindful so as not to manhandle or over utilize this force. There were a considerable amount of fascinating sections with regards to the book and lotsof intriguing stories that clarified the intriguing subtleties with regards to this bookagain Id like to prescribe this book to anybody needing a book thatwill bring you into an astonishing universe of semi-sub-unwittingly sentmessages. Non-verbal communication. a gutsy excursion into a generally secret world. It is loaded with surprising disclosures and diamonds of knowledge David Reuben, MD.

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Business valuation Essay

†¢One of your companions utilizes the terms morals and ethical quality reciprocally. You don't think this is right. How might you clarify the distinction among morals and ethical quality? Give a case of profound quality and one of morals in your clarification. Morals are increasingly about a lot of rules for a particular class of individuals, or a circumstance. They are all the more a lot of rules. While ethics are increasingly about an individuals’ set of rules for them, what they hold to be correct or wrong that they follow to settle on choices or take activities. A genuine model would be a legal counselor who is guarding an individual who has submitted a theft. The lawyer’s ethics reveals to him that the individual is blameworthy, yet his morals discloses to him that he should protect the individual. †¢Select two significant moral hypotheses canvassed in your readings for Week One. What are the significant contrasts between these two speculations? Which one of these speculations best lines up with your own convictions? Clarify. I pick utilitarian hypothesis and deontological hypothesis. Utilitarian hypothesis is to amplify utility just as boost satisfaction while deontological hypothesis alludes to adhering to rules or guidelines. Utilitarian can be where it benefits the individual or gathering state be given an end of the week off despite the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done, while inside a similar situation the representatives could nearly be compelled to work the ends of the week, despite the fact that they are drained and might want to invest energy with their families. I incline toward utilitarian as augmenting my satisfaction is imperative to me. I have worked with organizations overwhelmingly the Navy, whose kind of hypothesis is deontological. Obliga tion inside the Navy is tremendous, rules make the structure. Realizing that the joy of myself and my family are an enormous piece of my assurance when settling on the choice to take a vocation. †¢What are instances of ethics, qualities, and good ideas? How do each of these identify with each other? In what ways would they say they are discrete and in what ways would they say they are associated? Ethics are a person’s considerations or potentially activities that are guided by are ethics, are ethics are what we hold to be genuine running from genuineness to being reliable, while are values are just what he hold to be important. They all go together like gear-teeth, cooperating to arrive at a similar objective, yet on the off chance that one isn't there, at that point the entire thing won't work. They are discrete on the grounds that they’re all somewhat unique, state like pieces of a motor, but then they are completely required all together for the motor to work. On the off chance that one is absent the motor won't work. †¢In Ch. 6 of Basic Ethics, the creator talks about the relationship of religion as it identifies with profound quality and morals. Utilizing your very own encounters as an asset, what, assuming any, relationship exists between religion, profound quality, and morals? Clarify your answer. †¢Select an open figure from legislative issues or business. Select a moral hypothesis that appears to best fit this individual. For what reason does this hypothesis appear to be ideal? Which hypothesis appears to least suit this individual? Why? Hilary Clinton, she would exceptionally seem to follow a deontilogical moral hypothesis. It appears to suit her and her political profession pleasantly, it simply doesn't appear to be to the greatest advantage of the residents. Following utilitarianism she would put the bliss of the voters and residents either over her own or in any event similarly. †¢If an individual is portrayed as temperate, is this equivalent to stating that individual is good or moral? Why or why not? How might you clarify the connection between these three ideas? Give models. On the off chance that one must be called moral or good I would not say that it implies that they are prudent, however I would state that on the off chance that somebody must be called righteous that they would be both moral and good. Being idealistic methods having or demonstrating high good measures, so to be prudent methods one would must have high morals and high ethics. The three work together, ethics is making the right decision, morals is good rules that oversee a person’s or group’s conduct, and being righteous is a mix of these two just as going above and continually being good.

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7 Business Growth Strategies for Small Businesses

7 Business Growth Strategies for Small Businesses Take a look at some of the largest businesses today, and you are likely to be blown away by the numbers they boast in terms of capitalization, revenue and profitability. Walmart, the world’s largest retailer according to Forbes, reported USD 482.13 billion in revenue and USD 14.7 billion net income as of February 2016.There is Subway, the fastest growing franchise in the world with close to 45,000 restaurants as of September 2016, making it the largest single-brand restaurant chain and the largest restaurant operator in the world. British company The Body Shop currently operates franchises in close to 3,000 locations worldwide, and remains to be one of the most recognizable brands in specialty skin care, even after its acquisition by L’Oreal in 2006.Very impressive, aren’t they? These are the companies that are making the big bucks and controlling pretty much a large portion of the market. They wield so much influence and power, it is hard to picture them being less than the bu siness behemoths that they are today. © | garagestockSam Walton started Walmart in 1945 by purchasing a modest Ben Franklin store where he sold products that he purchased at a low cost from suppliers, and subsequently resold to customers at low prices. It was in 1965 when Fred DeLuca obtained a $1,000 loan from a friend and opened “Pete’s Super Submarines”, which later became known worldwide as “Subway”. The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick opened her first “The Body Shop” store by getting a $6,800 bank loan in 1977, and she started selling skincare products that she and her daughters made at home, using unique and healthy ingredients.This is their reality: most of these big businesses started out small in the past. They weren’t always the juggernauts that they are at present. At one point, they also belonged to that relatively obscure but promising group referred to as “small businesses”. Unfortunately, it is also a reality that only a handful of an entire slew of small businesses wi ll actually grow to join the ranks of Walmart, Subway and The Body Shop.What eventually made them break out of that group and charge ahead of their contemporaries?The likeliest answer, aside from determination and good business practices, is the application of business growth strategies.Small businesses have several options to choose from, depending on various factors and circumstances. We will look into seven of the growth strategies that are applicable to small businesses hoping to expand their operations and occupy a larger share of the market.MARKET PENETRATIONMarket penetration is probably the first â€" almost default â€" option of small businesses hoping to grow and expand their operations. This works best in a scenario where there are no new products, and there are no new markets to enter. Left with no choice, the small business will then look at what it currently has, right where it currently is. That means the focus will be on the current products or services, in the curren t market.It is pretty straightforward: the small business will market its existing products or services in the same market it is in, with the aim of increasing its market share.This is a competitive way of doing things, because the small business will be facing its competitors head on, implementing various strategies in order to increase its market share. Some of the market penetration strategies employed by small businesses are:Reducing the selling prices of the products or services, with the intention of attracting consumers with the lower price. This works best in a market with very little differentiation. Walton effectively used this strategy when it set up its first Walmart store. There were other retail stores at the time, but what made his market share go up is because he was able to offer the products at lower retail prices than the other retailers.Increasing promotions for products or services to improve their pull strategy. Aside from both conventional and non-conventional forms of advertising, small businesses can also employ other means to attract customers. Examples are special offers, special promotional events, offering trade and sales discounts, rebates and similar schemes. Not only will this appeal to your current customers, it will also catch the attention of the users in the market that were initially unaware of your product, brand or company.Expanding distribution channels to widen your reach. Usually, this is done by looking for more distributors, retailers and dealers, making the distribution channel wider. Small businesses should also consider entering into partnerships with these major channel players, and nurturing the relationship so they will want to continue working with you. A wider and more stable distribution channel means greater chances of reaching your customers, and staking a claim on a bigger market share.Effecting improvements on the product. You can encourage more people to buy your product if you are able to improve on it s existing features, or find alternative uses for it. However, in many cases, there is usually no need to actually do any changes to the product. A change in packaging and an assertion in advertising about the “new and improved” product is often enough to attract the attention of customers.Zeroing in on the competition’s customers and distribution channels. Naturally, if small businesses can win over the customers of their competitors to their side, they will gain a larger market share, and make their rival’s smaller. It’s striking two birds with one stone. In this strategy, the efforts are focused specifically on the customers of the competitors. But it also extends to the dealers, retailers and distributors currently working with the competitor. If you can offer them a deal better than what they are currently getting from their partnership with the competitor, they may consider jumping ship.It is important to note that, in market penetration, the size of the target marke t is fixed or unchanged. This is markedly different when the strategy used is Market Development. MARKET DEVELOPMENTGrowth can be achieved even without a change in the size of the market, and that is demonstrated by the Market Penetration strategy. However, businesses can also grow when they seek to expand their market, and that is Market Development.Market development, also referred to as “market expansion”, is another popular growth strategy that is applicable to small businesses, especially those that are having problems finding solid footing in the current market they are in. Faced with too many and too stiff competition, small businesses will be hard-pressed to look elsewhere for “greener pastures”.There is also the possibility that a product reassessment reveals new usage for the product, which will take it beyond the current market. For example, a product initially developed for health and wellness purposes is discovered to be effective as a skin care product as well. This means that the producer of the product will no longer be limited to the health-conscious market, but it can also branch out into a new market, which is for beauty products.In this scenario, there is no new product, but there is a new market, and it in this new market that the business will be able to gain more market share, more sales, and definitely more profits. The potential market is expanded either through identification of new users or new uses for the product.This is often seen in how businesses undertake expansion to new geographical markets, such as other states, regions, countries or continents. Possibly, the most recognizable practice of this growth strategy is by adopting the franchise model, which was how Walmart, Subway and The Body Shop grew. The Body Shop, which was originally a UK brand, was able to enter other markets in more than 60 countries all over the world.Small businesses have to be careful when using this as a growth strategy, however. Since this invo lves entry to an entirely new market, market research must be conducted properly, and the business should gain more than adequate understanding of the new market and the customer base within it. What worked in the current market may not have the same results in the other market due to inherent differences in culture and other factors.USE ALTERNATIVE CHANNELSThe internet has opened up other channels for businesses to reach their customers and sell their products. In fact, this has been greatly beneficial for small businesses and entrepreneurs, since they were provided a platform where they can have a chance of competing against more established brands.Today, small businesses have the option to find their customers and sell their products to them through the following:Selling online. Businesses can set up their own websites where they can sell directly to customers, or partner with retail websites that will serves as their online storefronts. Many businesses sell their products throug h sites such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy, to name a few.Selling through subscription programs. Small businesses formulate subscription and membership programs to find their customers and introduce their product to them.Selling through the use of mobile apps. Mobile internet is also becoming a greatly accepted mode of transacting nowadays, and more and more businesses are looking for ways to integrate this in their marketing and growth strategies.PRODUCT  EXPANSIONProduct development, or product expansion, means exactly what the phrase implies. There is no new market, but there is a new product, and that new product will be introduced to the existing market to gain a bigger market share.This is a strategy adopted in industries with fast-paced technological developments. The electronics or mobile industry is one. Manufacturers of mobile phones are prolific in churning out new and updated models of their products to the market in order to keep up with the changes and improvements in tech nology. Small businesses also see this strategy as a viable one in most of their circumstances.What small businesses can do when using the product expansion growth strategy are:Expanding product line by developing and introducing new productsAdding new features to existing productsUpdating features of products when the old ones become obsoleteIn order to successfully implement this strategy, the small business must be capable of quick response to market changes that call for changes in the product. This will not work if the business is unable to think up of solutions fast because, by the time they are able to come up with a solution to cope with a change in the market, another change would have already cropped up.DIVERSIFICATIONSmall businesses also use diversification, where they will sell new products to new markets.This is a high risk, high return strategy, since it is basically akin to starting from scratch, as if the small business is starting anew. As a matter of fact, this po ses the highest risk for businesses, big or small. This risk arises from the fact that diversification will require substantial investment of resources: time, money, manpower and other assets. After all, it involves going through the motions of starting a new business, in the sense that it has to conduct marketing research in that new market, with respect to the new product.In the context of growth strategies, there are two types of diversification.1. Conglomerate diversificationWhen the small business suffers from limited opportunities in its current line of business or product line, it may choose to diversify into areas that are not related, or are so far removed, from its current operations. For example, a manufacturer of children’s apparel may not be satisfied with the current results of operations. Therefore, it decided to diversify by acquiring a small catering business. These two are completely unrelated, but the diversification is able to increase the profitability of the company and, consequently, its growth rate.2. Concentric diversificationThis time, the small business diversifies by adding products related to its current products, or adding markets related to its current market. Since there is a certain degree of parallelism, this strategy is more synergistic than conglomerate diversification. Picking up from the previous example, the manufacturer of children’s apparel can use concentric diversification if it buys into another company that formulates healthy food for children aged 8 years and below. These have related markets, with parents and children as the target customer. If, instead of children’s food, the company goes into manufacture of footwear for children, then this is concentric diversification using related products.Many identify diversification mostly as a marketing strategy, but from the point of view of management, it is a very effective business growth strategy when done right, despite the high risk involved.ACQUISITIONS (AND MERGERS)MA, or “mergers and acquisitions”, deals with the purchase of one company by another, and/or the consolidation, combination or joining of two companies. The role it plays in corporate restructuring puts it high on the list of growth strategies for businesses.Acquisition is primarily considered as a big-business growth strategy, since it is the big businesses that have the resources to acquire other companies. Generally, small businesses are seen to have a difficult time making acquisitions, considering the large amount that will be required to cover the purchase price. Even if the small business is able to raise the amount and cover the purchase price, the risk that it will eventually turn out to be a bad purchase decision is much too big for a small business to handle.However, it would be wrong to completely rule out acquisition as a growth strategy just because you are a small company. If the acquisition turns out to be a very good decision, then you can profit greatly from it.How can a business achieve growth through acquisitions? Let us count the ways.Acquisition helps the small business in securing a larger market share and more revenue.Acquisition enables a small business to establish a dominant position in the market, made possible by market consolidation.Acquisition empowers smaller companies to break geographical and even political boundaries, and bring their operations to the world.The strategy of achieving growth through acquisitions and mergers is definitely not for everyone or, more precisely, not for all small businesses. Indeed, it is the cash-rich small businesses, or those with “extra” unutilized resources that are likely to use this growth strategy.Small businesses may choose to exercise any of the three acquisition categories:Upstream acquisition: A small business will seek to have a merger with a bigger company in the same industry or field, and they will operate or function as one entity. The goal of this type of merger is to consolidate the market forces of the two companies and secure their employees. It is also seen as an excellent way to ensure higher investments. In a report by the Boston Consulting Group on acquisitive companies, they might not have recorded spectacular profits, but the acquisitions created value, and this was favorably looked at by investors, resulting to higher investments as well as shareholder dividends.Downstream acquisition: This applies if the small business acquires another business, usually in a straightforward purchase transaction of the smaller business or of its ownership shares. The acquisition will result in the acquiring company being the surviving company, and the one in control of the smaller business, which will now lose its identity once assimilated into the acquiring company. The goal of this acquisition type is the expansion of the business and its operations. The key here is to choose your acquisitions wisely. Prudence and common sense dictate that you shou ld buy only the companies that you can afford.Lateral acquisition: This acquisition type can be seen between two businesses of roughly the same size joining together for the purpose of consolidating or pooling their resources. This will result in an entirely new business entity that is considerably bigger than either of them when they were still operating separately.MARKET SEGMENTATIONThis is another big business growth strategy that may also be adapted by small businesses, especially those that find themselves in an industry and market dominated by larger companies.Small businesses are bound to have a hard time going up against the big boys, even when they are on the same playing field. So how can the small business hope to grow? Why, by taking a look at that playing field and identify the corners where they can stake their claim. That will be their segment, and that is where they will focus all their business efforts and growth strategies.In market segmentation, the small business would have to undergo the process of dividing the market into segments, with each segment characterized by distinct groups of customers with their own needs and preferences. Once the pie has been divvied up, it is time to identify which slice of the pie seems to be the most receptive to the strategies of the business.Segmentation is performed using the usual bases that were utilized by the business when drawing up its marketing plan: demography, geography, market and customer behavior, and even the psychographic profiles of the market.The major stumbling block that small businesses often encounter when applying market segmentation as a growth strategy is in conducting the necessary market research for segmentation purposes. These researches can be very costly, and should not be a problem for big businesses. Small businesses, however, do not have the same luxury.Therefore, instead of investing in an expensive market research, small businesses can be more creative when it comes to ga thering data for market segmentation. These sources came highly recommended:Informal cluster analysis conducted by the businessStudying marketing programs of competitorsConducting informal research with targeted respondents/customersCommunicating with key industry players, such as buyers, distributors and analystsSecondary researches and data resourcesData from basic research publicationsData from trade and association publicationsData from industrial experts and authoritiesData from independent and external measurement service providers and agenciesOnce the segments have been identified, the small business should now look into each segment and find any unsatisfied wants or needs. It will then find ways to fill that gap that is not met by the competitors.LEVERAGING PARTNERSHIPSHave you heard of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which was forged to increase economies of scale for both brands? This strategic partnership between France’s Renault and Japan’s Nissan had substantial terms and conditions. One of them involves how Nissan generated increased sales in its units sold in Europe, which were manufactured with engines built by Renault.This is a prime example of how these big companies were able to leverage partnerships as a growth strategy.In the more modest setting where the small business exists, leveraging partnerships is also a viable growth strategy. We have made mention earlier of how small businesses can enter into partnerships with its distributors and dealers. They can actually look further, into other partnership prospects.If you are in the manufacturing business, consider entering into a partnership with the supplier of the raw materials you are using. If you have an excellent technology but you do not have a warehouse, look for someone with warehousing capabilities to share but are also in need of the benefits that your technology can provide.Briefly, some of the possible strategic alliances that businesses can leverage for growth include:Shared d istribution. Two businesses acts as distributors or dealers of the other in their respective markets.Technology transfer. Two businesses collaborate in development of new technologies.Cross-manufacturing. Two businesses make use of the same manufacturing line for their processes. An example is how Ford and Mazda use the same manufacturing and assembly line in their automobile manufacturing operations.Small business can benefit greatly from these partnerships. Aside from the stability of knowing that there are parties or entities that will have your back, the partnership may also help you cut down on costs, increase efficiencies and, ultimately, help your business grow.Of course, small businesses are not going to have it easy, unlike the big businesses who have more than enough resources to be able to pay for these partnerships immediately. Since small businesses are usually not as equipped, they’d have to rely on their negotiation skills to convince other companies to partner with them.

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Theories of Aging Essay - 1565 Words

Lifestage Development Theories of Ageing For this part of the assignment I am going to be describing two theories of ageing. Firstly I will be describing the Disengagement theory and then the Activity theory. I will then be comparing the similarities and differences between the two, and also writing up two case studies of older people and explain the development that occurs in older life, relating back to the theories I will have discussed. Firstly the theory of Social Disengagement, disengagement means a person’s withdrawal from involvement with anything. The theory was first put forward by two authors Cumming and Henry in 1961 who believed that it was natural for the elderly to withdraw from social involvement with others, due to†¦show more content†¦My first case study is of a man named Howard Lane, he died aged 75 years old and had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 9 years earlier. Over the 9 years his condition seriously deteriorated. Howard had had a very active life with various jobs such as a Clerk of Works at Par Docks, a mental nurse and other physically demanding roles. He had been married for 52 years and had two grown up children, a daughter Jennie who had two children and a son Richard who had four children. Howard was a very involved grandparent throughout the whole of his grandchildren’s lives until his condition deteriorated so badly he couldn’t even tell who they were anymore. As Howard reached retirement he remained a very engaged active person despite the label he was now given as being ‘old.’ He very much fitted the role within the activity theory, regularly exercising, seeing his family, keeping in contact with them in a number of ways. He and his wife had a particular passion for ballroom dancing†¦ they had won competitions! He had a very healthy appetite, and had never smoked or drank at all throughout his life. Although Howard had always been healthy and had no previous health issues and had stayed active throughout his final lifestage he still developed the disease Alzheimer’s. As the illness progressed Howard gradually changed as a person. He became forgetful,Show MoreRelatedTheories of Aging2567 Words   |  11 Pageshead: Theories of Aging Theories of Aging Nate Aungkuldee Milwaukee School of Engineering –School of Nursing Abstract Gerontological nursing may be viewed as the nursing management for older population. Knowledge of nursing care and competency of caring for elderly become more important as the result of increasing population of old age people in the past decade and expecting in ongoing increasing in the next twenty years. There are many theories of agingRead MoreThe Continuity Theory Of Aging894 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction The belief that people cope with life better by applying familiar strategies based on their past experiences is the continuity theory of aging. This paper will review this theory, as well as discuss an interview done with an elderly individual, and how the interview relates to the continuity theory. Theory The continuity theory of aging is the belief that older adults will usually maintain the same relationships, behaviors, and activities as they did in their earlier years. Kali andRead MoreTheory of Successful Aging1648 Words   |  7 PagesTheory Of Successful Aging INTERNAL CRITICISM Adequacy: The Flood’s Theory of Successful Aging (Flood, 2005) was developed to addresses a nursing theory for care of the older adult regarding to the lack of nursing theory that offers clearly delineated guidelines for care of aging. Flood’s(2002) unique definition of successful aging among other explanations includes mental, physical, and spiritual elements of the aging person and emphasizing the individuals self appraisal. She used existing knowledgeRead MoreThe Activity Theory Of Aging933 Words   |  4 Pages1) The article from The Gerontologist supports the activity theory of aging. This states that as people age, it is very important for them to be engaged in various activities and social roles. As described in the lecture, studies have shown that those who stay involved have less signs of depression and have a lesser decline in mental health. In addition, they are considered more competent than others in their age group by the general population since they are actively participating in society. TheRead MoreThe s Theory Of Aging Essay984 Words   |  4 Pages This research was revolved around R. C. Peck’s Theory of Aging. Peck invented a theory about how elders can age successfully. He states that they must adjust psychologically in 3 distinct different ways: Self-differentiation, Body transcendence, and Self-transcendence. Self-differentiation is when people retire from work or when children leave home for good, they must figure out whether or not they still have value in our society. They may ask questions like â€Å"If I’m not doing my usual role, howRead MoreThe Cell Theory Of Aging1813 Words   |  8 Pagesthey maintain normal tissue homeostasis and participate in tissue repair and regeneration in response to damage (Lui Rando 2011). The physiological process of aging may be the result of stem cell loss and a decline in the homeostatic and regenerative capacity of all tissues and organs (Lui Rando 2011). In fact, the stem cell theory of aging proposes that as we age, we fail to replenish the unique pool of stem cell s. Consequently, this prevents us from replacing lost, differentiated cells and resultsRead MoreWear And Tear : An Aging Theory794 Words   |  4 PagesWear and Tear: An Aging Theory Aging happens to everyone, a part of life that is unavoidable. Over the years many theories on aging have been developed and studied. Some theories are biological and some are psychosocial. This paper will depict a clinical situation, encompass the biological theory of aging, the wear and tear theory, and how it relates to the situation and the interactions employed by the Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS). Clinical Situation James was a farmer, active every day of hisRead MoreImmunological Theory of Aging Essay748 Words   |  3 Pagesshort lives, especially those to evade the aging process. With society becoming increasingly interested in everlasting beauty and living longer, the race to discover the main contributor toward aging begun in the early nineteen hundreds. In the midst of this quest, several biological theories had been developed. Among these theories is the immunity or immunological theory. This paper will discuss the immunological theory of aging by explaining the theory, giving a history of its origin and a descriptionRead MoreDisengagement Theory Is The First Formal Theory Of Aging873 Words   |  4 PagesDisengagement theory is the first formal theory of aging. It was first proposed in 1961 by Elaine Cumming and William Hendry. They both were researchers from the University of Chicago. The two developed their theory in their book Growing Old: The Process of Disengagement. In the book they criticized the implicit theory that people can adjust, be satisfied, and happy in old age. They can also be physically involved and remain active throughout their lives. â€Å"Cumming and Henry argued that normal aging involvesRead MoreActivity Theory of Aging Essay4128 Words   |  17 PagesRUNNING HEAD: ACTIVITY THEORY Activity Theory of Aging Long Island University-C.W. Post Campus Jennifer L. Bifulco Throughout this semester we have come across many psychological and social theories. From Vaillant’s aging well, to Erikson’s life stages, to Leont’ev’s activity theory, there is a lot to learn and to understand. For the purpose of this paper, I am going to focus on the Activity Theory of aging. After some thorough research on this topic I was able to come up with some great

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Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1213 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Management Essay Type Narrative essay Did you like this example? Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management In the fastest changing world where the competition become high among businesses there no one can deny the importance of strategic management which engross the making and implementation of goals and the steps taken by top management of the company on the behalf of their owners. It is totally based on the contemplation of the available resources and it also helps to assess the external and internal environment which helps the organization to compete with others. There are five competitive forces which can influence the organization and can give competition; those five factors can be the bargaining power of suppliers and customers, threat of new entrants in the market, and threats of availability of substitutes in the market. All these factors can give tough competition to the organization. And to tackle this kind of situation an organization needs to have a strong strategic management because it helps to identify the proble m as well as provides direction to the organization and helps the organization to be specific towards their goals. It helps the organization in developing the policies which can give guidance to the organization what they have to do to compete with their competitors (Daghfous et,al 2009). Organization can also plan designs with the help of strategic management to attain their objectives and also helps the organization in allocating the resources within the limited time and also helps the organization to implement the plans. In short strategic management facilitate the organization to deal with internal environment and external environment which includes suppliers, customers, competitors etc. Globalization plays a vital role in discharging the borders among many countries, and turned the whole world into a village. But the question is has the globalization is benefiting the countries in the economic stability? Has the globalization influenced the UAE economy positively or negative ly? Answer to this question can be getting by observing the growth and development of the UAEà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s economy. The globalization has turned the UAE into the most development countries in many fields especially economically. No one can deny the important role of globalization and its effect on the UAEà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s economy (Wilkins 2010). It has affected positively affect the UAE policy because it helped the country to increase their overseas or foreign investment and also encouraged to promote the free trade between UAE and the other countries of the world. There was a survey conducted in UAE in the year 2005, according to that survey the flow of foreign direct investment in UAE achieved the record was about 10 US $ billion close to 34% of total flow of foreign capital in the Arab world. And this happened because UAE is politically established, and they maintains rights of working for businessmen and entrepreneurs, these working rights allows them to sale, do the business and rent effortlessly without government intervention and taxes imposing on their products, services and revenues. They have issued licenses to the foreign firm branches and the rates of issuing licenses to foreign firms are increasing yearly. Many foreign got this business license. Foreign countries that got business licenses include UK, India and America. In the view of fact that the world has turned into a small village because of globalization, it makes simple to other countries of the world to know about and get the information about the economic conditions and merits that UAE grants for foreign businessmen. Because of foreign investment there is a notable increase in the UAE economyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s capital stock (Rettab, et, al, 2009). The high capital stock enabled UAE to have tools and structures to produce. Consequently productivity has increased extensively, and in result the growth of the economy of UAE and the living standard of the people has also increas ed. Globalization has also encouraged the domestic investment of the UAE. In global capital markets UAE has a vital role with many investment institutions, such as Dubai port, Abu Dhabi investment council, Abu Dhabià ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s International Petroleum Investment co. The huge increase in the domestic investment of UAE is because the globalization has permitted UAE to deal and do businesses with other developed countries such as UK and USA and also helps UAE to learn that shortcuts to the fastest growth rate are savings and more investment (Wilkins, 2010). There is a debate for some people that more investments and savings can cause the availability of resources for the consumption goods production. Though it can be stated that todayà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s investments and savings will help to increase the production in the future and UAE can enjoy living standard in future. In the last investment can be define as the path towards the futures which will be bright. UAE is the w orldsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ preferred trade hub. According to Bank Doing Business Report ranking the UAE is on the 5th place for the trading across borders or worlds wide. And it is very important for the growth of international trade. Doing business is an important economy activity for UAE which no one can compete in globalized economy and results in increase of the exports worldwide (Al-Fawaz, et, al, 2009). UAE is taking benefit from its competitive advantage as they are trading and improving the competency of trade procedures. It has an online and independent trade network which is extremely flourishing in assessing trade of goods as well as services. Their aim is to make trade faster, low cost or cost effective and easier for the foreign businessmen as well as domestic businessmen to improve the business process with the help of advanced technology. In UAE due to globalization the development of global trade has improved in last few years. This helped UAE in improving their infrast ructure and also helped them to increase their GDP (Hvidt 2009). Trade has become important part for any countryà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s economy growth and development. They need to trade across borders to trade internationally but many countries are having political instability which is a big hindrance in the way of economical growth because foreign countries will not allow their countries to trade with those countries that are politically instable. Another competitive advantage of UAE trade is that they have low trade barriers because of their political stability and the world prefers UAE for trading and business. References: Daghfous, A., Barkhi, R. (2009). The strategic management of information technology in UAE hotels: An exploratory study of TQM, SCM, and CRM implementations.Technovation,29(9), 588-595. Retrieved from Rettab, B., Brik, A. B., Mellahi, K. (2009). A study of management perceptions of the impact of corporate social responsibility on organisational performance in emerging economies: the case of Dubai.Journal of Business Ethics,89(3), 371-390. Retrieved from Al-Fawaz, K., Eldabi, T., Naseer, A. (2010). Challenges and influential factors in ERP adoption and implementation. Retrieved from Hvidt, M. (2009). The Dubai model: An outline of key development-process elements in Dubai.International Journal of Middle East Studies,41(03), 397-418. Retrieved from Wilkins, S. (2010). Higher education in the United Arab Emirates: an analysis of the outcomes of significant increases in supply and competition.Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management,32(4), 389-400. Retrieved from CQXKSwqM Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management" essay for you Create order

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Poetry appreciation “Fire the sun” Free Essays

Basically the poem is divided into three parts. Each part identifies a specific task assigned to a woman. It is a very simple and straightforward poem, which does not beat around the bush. We will write a custom essay sample on Poetry appreciation â€Å"Fire the sun† or any similar topic only for you Order Now It is very easy to understand and candidly outlines the average woman’s life, carrying out her daily duties. However in doing this, we get the impression that she seems to be giving up a part of herself – her senses become somewhat distorted.We are told of three certain tasks carried out by these women – doing the dishes, cleaning the floor and minding the children. The first stanza is dedicated to a woman doing the dishes. Every line is repeated as it says, â€Å"the woman doing the dishes has trouble hearing†. This could be due to the noise and clamour created by the dishes. The second stanza is dedicated to a woman cleaning the floor. This woman however cannot hear at all. A phrase is used: â€Å"Let us have a moment of silence For the woman who cleans the floor† which is usually used at funeral or memorial services when mourning the deceased. It is also ironic because this woman never has a moment of silence for herself in her busy life. This, together with the image of the woman always being on the floor, therefore low down gives us the impression that this woman is regarded as dead because like a dead person, she cannot hear at all. The third stanza is dedicated to a woman at home with the children. We are told that this woman is not seen at night as she is looking after the children. She also cannot speak up for herself or listen to what others think she might have said if she was there. In this poem, the women have been very stereotyped underlining their daily, tedious chores. An overwhelming impression of the lack of power of the woman is felt reading through the poem- she has the responsibility of a wife, a worker and mother and it is not in her strength to alter anything in the life that has been set for her. However there appears to be a deeper underlying meaning to the rather simple outlook of the poem. We get the impression that the woman always seems to be taken advantage of and has to put other things before her. She is like a puppet controlled and almost programmed to carry out menial tasks day in and day out. The first stanza emphasises this through the repetition stressing the monotony and routineness of the chores. It is also repetitive because we are told the woman has trouble hearing and things have to be repeated, as she doesn’t understand the first time. The second woman cannot hear at all as she is continuously cleaning the floor and then the third woman is unable to speak for herself, as she never gets to go out at night and meet people. Great emphasis is put upon their sense of hearing – again the women are stereotyped in the way that the poet is saying, being a woman there is such intense concentration on a task that they become oblivious to other things aro und them. It also ties in with the fact that they cannot also hear the voices of the husband which may be complaining; subsequently if women can’t hear then they can’t speak their minds. Open to interpretation could be whether the poem is about three different women each doing a specific chore, or about one woman who does all these jobs. FORM: There is no distinct form to this poem – there are three separate stanzas; in the first, every line is repeated twice. However the last two stanzas are written with no distinguishable rhyming scheme or any definite pattern. This poem is in the free verse form using simple language. This relates to the women in the poem who are also very simple. TONE: Keeping in mind that this poem, which differentiates chores for women and insinuates about their fixed way of life, is actually written by a woman. It could be looked at as the poet taking a general impression of most women or maybe even including her experiences in it, yet, if she was any of these women, she wouldn’t have been able to write the poem. It might even be written in the persona of a man therefore bringing in the male factor; the opinion of a man on women. Nevertheless the tone, no matter how depressing, seems to be quite realistic, calm and assured. It is in a way pitying and sympathetic yet also submissive in that the poet seems to accept it as a fact of life that cannot be changed. The tone is aggressive in a gentle way, rather than attacking, for it states the facts as they stand using uncomplicated language, which is extremely effective as it hits one straight in the heart. IMAGERY: Although the language is very simple, certain images are evoked in our minds as we read the poem. The first image is created by the repetition in the first stanza. The image is of a woman at a sink, almost like a robot, washing one dish after another and drying them one by one. The monotony strikes us as being almost inhumane as it seems never-ending. Another image is created by the woman on ‘the floor’ who ‘cannot hear at all’ and is given a moment of silence. There is a strong image of death in this stanza as it seems that the woman is closer to her grave on the floor than to the people around her. It is as though she is dead to the world and therefore has to be mourned. As she is so out of reach, it could explain why she cannot hear at all. It also creates the image if not of being close to her grave then being low in society i.e. her body position reflecting her status in society. The third image is created by the ’empty space’ mentioned in the last stanza that one has to stare into to imagine the woman who is in fact at home with the children. She has to be given an empty space, which creates a visual picture in which one cannot distinguish the separation between her and her kids as they are so much a part of her – the empty space is just as empty as she is. As ‘you never see her at night’ we get the impression that she has no time for herself – the housework and children take up all her time. Although she may actually be able to hear, she is compelled not to because the image is created that the racket of the children overpowers her. Also, as she doesn’t get to go out much, she cannot speak to defend herself or listen to other conversations. She might not be able to speak because she is uneducated and does not have the courage to defend herself. This night setting is realistic because at night men tend to go ou t more than women, especially at that time. As there are many aural images of hearing etc., aural devices have been used which play as sound effects i.e. assonance in the second stanza: ‘Another poem for a woman’ This soft ‘o’ sound can be tied to the image of death and graves which is noticeable in this stanza. Alliteration is also used in the third stanza: ‘One more poem for the woman at home’ Again this is a fairly calm ‘m’ sound which ties in with the whole tone of the poem. Deliberate use of these devices by the poet can be doubted for it is not a very elaborate poem and there are no other devices such as similes or metaphors- it is very basic. INTENTION I think the author’s intention was to make people notice these jobs that women do, for although they are so obvious, no one acknowledges their importance. The woman are taken too much for granted for carrying out these chores and are not appreciated for what they do. It seems to contain greatly the male view and reflects the stereotype male attitude of a woman, emphasising where he sees her the most. she is always busy somewhere-washing, cleaning, looking after the kids etc, and she never really has time for him. Even at night when it is the time for the husband and wife to be together, she has more important things to tend to. This is a simple, heartrending poem which, due to its simplicity, allows deep thought. How to cite Poetry appreciation â€Å"Fire the sun†, Papers

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Relevance Of Forensic Accounting Detection - Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss about the Relevance Of Forensic Accounting Detection. Answer: Introduction A magnificent corporate disgraces as well as bankrupt in the past two to three decades are acting as a very powerful reminder of risks; those are apparently associated with the ownership of different business organization. Values and ethics are the centralized functions and operations of any business organization those are helpful for maximizing the well being of the stakeholders associated to the enterprises (Brooke A. Masters , 2018). This report depicts the role of the moral agents in a business organization to gain success throughout. The agents of all business organizations are responsible for proper decision making. However, both positive and negative consequences might occur due to these ethical dimensions (worldcom-fraud., 2018). MCI Inc. a well-known American telecommunication corporation, currently named as WorldCom is nominated for developing this report. Different ethical theories considering its application in relation with the duties of the moral agents are also elabora ted in this report. These ethical consequences of WorldCom (MCI Inc.) revealed that the accounting department of the company was negatively affected. According to the audit report, the company has discovered that $3.3 Billion of profit amount was inaccurately recorded on the books started from 1999 up to quarter of 2002 (Corporatefraud., 2018). The financial statement of the company revised and get to know that indirectly the CEO of WorldCom was responsible for this issues occurred. In order to minimize these errors moral and ethical theories are required to be applied by the top management of the business organization. Discussion of ethical theories Discussion of ethical theories in relation to the characters of the moral agents The company executives are referred to as the moral agents for any business organization those are responsible to make effective decision making for the business organization. In order to run the business successfully for maximizing the well of WorldCom (MCI Inc.) the application of ethical theories are very much important (Lins, Servaes Tamayo, 2017). Four different types of ethical theories are there those are needed to be applied in the business organization for gaining measurable success. The Company head itself was charged in the year of 2004, for committing security fraud. Besides these some additional charges are also filed against the chief executive of the company. It has been defined that due to groupthink the executive had shown unethical behavior to others (Olukowade Balogun, 2015). Thus the executive failed to develop accurate decision making for their organization. The four different types of ethical theories associated to this particular case are as follows: Consequentialism: According to consequentialism different ethical components such as state of the affair, actions are associated to this ethical theory. This theory helps to judge, the actions going in the business organization. Through this theory the right and wrong actions could be analyzed accurately. Two different examples of consequentialism are hedonism and utilitarianism. Hedonism helps to detect the consequences those helps to avoid the financial and other risks at the same time the utilitarianism helps to judge the consequences of the greatest good and greatest numbers respectively (Wisner Brown, 2015). However, in the real field application of this particular ethical theory is quite difficult. In order to achieve accurate alignment for growing interest between the managers and the owners, consequentialism is very helpful. Again, in some of the situations, consequentialism could lead the decisions those are objectionable even if arguably goods consequences are there. Virtue ethics: Virtue ethics is referred to as a quest that helps to understand and live the life of a moral person. After analyzing the financial risks faced by WorldCom telecommunication it is found that, the CEO must have possessed moral characteristics. This is a character based approach which helps to assume and acquire the virtue, of the person through different level of practices (Avci, Schipani Seyhun, 2017). A moral as well as honorable character could be archived by the CEO of WorldCom, through practicing different best practices like honesty, brave, just, generous etc. It is found that with the help if these particular applications, people would be able to make right choices for the business organization whenever the company would face different ethical challenges. Natural law: Natural law is referred to as a legal as well as a moral theory which are logically independent. This theory is basically dependent upon the nature of the human. The actions of the CEO and other working employees are whether good or bad are also be analyzed with the help of Natural law. In order to actualizing the potential, this particular position suggests the working employees have the ability. Kantian Deontologism: Deontological ethics are referred to as a morality based ethical theory that helps different business organizations to take effective decision. It helps to build proper relationship between the duty and the morality of the employees who have been working in the business organization (Daigle, Morris Quarles, 2015). This particular theory is very much formalistic due to the conformity of the business actions based on certain rules and laws. Duties of the moral agents Business leaders are those who are not at all allowed to afford ethical challenges those might have been occurred by technical advances (Bhasin, 2015). In order to reduce the issues the moral agents are required to follow certain professional duties those are as follows: To develop the internal control and Information system management approaches Company must adopt accurate system for enabling both the lawful and ethical responsibilities To create a bridge for connecting the management and board To conjugate the companys employees with their job roles Ethical dimension of their duties In order to make effective decision for different business organizations it is necessary for the leaders to consider the ethical dimensions. For establishing balance between the demand and the ethical imperatives the dimensions those should be considered are as follows: Commitment Perspectives Relationship Integrity Application of the ethical theories Explanation of the two Bernards characters The convergent elements are apparently used by the Business heads and other employees as well for bringing stakeholders engagement to their hob role. Organizational culture of is referred to as another important thing that helps to offer proper values and ethical aspects to the consumers. Bernard John also named as Bernie Ebbers was born in the year of 1941, 27th August who is a famous businessman of Canada (Daigle, Morris Quarles, 2015). This person is the co founder of World Telecommunication Company. In the year of 2005, for false financial reporting the company has faced major fraud by its own Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He was convicted for both fraud and conspiracy as well in that year. The action taken by the CEO was considered as the worlds most highlighted corporate fraud till date. It was the biggest corporate bankrupt in the history of USA. Bernie Ebbers is still facing civil litigations along with the company that backed up of $400 million of personal loans (Robinson, 2015). This took place whenever Bank of America suggested for more collateral stock of price fall. Based this parson many other people are also there who, were found guilty for this organizational fraud. According to Australian computer society and Australian Society of Criminology it has been found that, different ethical rules are there those are needed to be followed by the management head of any business organizations. In order to avoid the cyber fraud each of the members associated to the companies are needed to follow the moral values and ethics (Eliezer Emmanuel, 2015). It is expected that if they do follow theses aspects then, all the issues would be completely minimized accordingly. From the preamble and general principle of ACS certain, different ethical rules are identified those should be adopted by the management head or CEO of the business organizations to reach the project success effectively. Cyber crime is a disciple that allows the CEO to recognize discovery, creation and accumulation as well (Umar, Samsudinb, Mohamedb, 2015). Day to day professional activities is needed to be maintained by the management head for improving the existing culture and environment of the business organization. Ethical considerations would help the company to build rules and responsibilities of the company head and CEO as well. Professional rules and responsibilities are the main features those are applicable for almost each employees including the CEO and other employees as well. However, varied roles are server based upon the requirement and objectives of the companies (Deo Cathy, 2016). For specifying the organizational situation accurately, everyday professional activities are required to be considered by the management head (corporatefraud, 2018). Moreover, it can be said that, the CEO of the WorldCom telecommunication Company should maintain both the ethical dimension and moral characteristics as well. From different analysis it has been defined that for organizational decision making ethics is an important thing to be considered. In most of the days individuals are found to make decisions for their business organization (Khdir, 2016). Different ethical mo dels and frameworks should be followed before developing proper decision for the business organizations. Different theories are identified in this report including the Consequentialism, virtue, natural law and Deontologism among which only the Deontologism theory should be used by the WorldCom Telecommunication Company. It is expected that, application of this particular theory would be helpful. Duties of the moral agents Seven different components are there those should be maintained by the management head before implementing any organizational decision. The duty of the moral agents differs based upon the business background of the business organization. The WorldCom telecommunication company has faced major fraud in terms of cyber attack and in order to resoles these kinds of issues certain code of ethical conducts should be considered include- responsibility, enthusiasm, equity, compassion, teamwork, self estimation and professional integrity. The following are the duties of the moral agents to be maintained: Responsibilities: In order to gain effective resultant from the business outcomes the CEO rather moral agent is needed to serve their allotted responsibilities. Enthusiasm: In the daily activities all the associates should exhibit drive and passion in the daily activities to achieve the business goal (Woolley, 2016). Thus, enthusiasm is a major character that each CEO of the businesses must follow. Professional integrity: Professional integrity and trustworthiness are the two different components that each of the organizational CEO and other business team members should follow accordingly. Self Estimation: Personality analysis is referred to as one of the most important things that each CEO should measure before final decision making. It is expected that with the help of self SWOT analysis, he would come to identify his strength and weaknesses too (Khdir, (2016). Considering the strength of the person he would get different opportunities in the coming future whereas; the weaknesses would lead towards threats. Therefore with the help of self estimation the CEO should discuss with others for accurate decision making. Compassion: Empathy and practicing care are the two other features those are helpful for providing genuine support to the consumers. It will also allow the organizational head to become more co coordinating in nature. Ethical dimension and consequences of the actions taken by the agents After analyzing the cyber fraud took place in WorldCom, it is found that different ethical dimensions and the consequences of the actions those have been taken by the moral agent rather CEO are there those are negatively affecting the business organization (Deo Cathy, 2016). Even, the financial background of the company would also be affected due to lack of moral and ethical considerations. The duty of the business leaders and the decision makers is to create accurate balance between the demand of the consumers and the other ethical necessity (Avci, Schipani Seyhun, 2017). As Bernie Ebbers found guilty for the cyber fraud in WorldCom the different consequences occurred are as follows: The CEO hides different details of operating expenses and also made unannounced changes in the business operation These lead towards self decision making rather than organizational decision making In order to resolve the issues of unethical approaches different ethical theories are applied in WorldCom Telecommunication Company. The former CEO of WorldCom telecommunication company should never be convicted of security frauds as the leading evidence against the CEO were masterminded around $11 Billion fraud. On the other hand Ebbers was charged with security frauds which was proven by the law and evidence and due to this reason file have been charged against him. Conclusion From the overall discussion it can be concluded that in order to resolve the financial risks that WorldCom (MCI Inc.) is constantly facing, moral values and ethical approaches are needed to be applied. It is expected that with the help of the moral and ethical values, Bernard Ebbers (Chief Executive Officer) could identify the ethical consequences. Different ethical theories are there and based upon the operation and functional details of the business organization proper ethical theory is required to be applied by the management head. Contrasting other customers involved with the enterprise, the owners are remaining claimant for the earnings. Besides the formal control many other controlling factors in terms of ethical theories and their applications are determined to be helpful for the operational success of any business organization. The managerial attitude of the CEO of the company comes only from the ethical and moral values. The set of moral obligations those are helpful for the success of the company, are identified in this report and elaborated accordingly. References Avci, S. B., Schipani, C. A., Seyhun, H. N. (2017). Do Independent Directors Curb Financial Fraud? The Evidence and Proposals for Further Reform. Bhasin, M. L. (2015). Corporate accounting fraud: A case study of Satyam Computers Limited. Brooke A. Masters., (2018).businesstechnology. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Jan. 2018]. Corporatefraud., (2018) [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Jan. 2018]. Daigle, R. J., Morris, J. T., Quarles, R. (2015). Using Non-Academic Multimedia Resources to Enhance Student Learning of Fact-Based Fraud Cases.Journal of Forensic Investigative Accounting,7(1). Deo, P. L., Cathy, Z. S. (2016). All cash is not created equal: Detecting fraudulent cash flow.Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting,8(2). Eliezer, O., Emmanuel, B. (2015). The relevance of Forensic Accounting in the Detection and Prevention of Fraud in Nigeria.Historical Research Letter,23. Faello, J. P. (2015). The Use of a Non-Fiction Fraud-Related Book as a Method for Teaching Accounting Ethics. Godo, B. (2016). Forensic accounting and financial fraud management in the telecommunication industry in nigeria.International Journal of Management Science Research,1(1), 125. Khdir, S. H. (2016). Contemporary Financial Crimes of Employee Embezzlement and Insider Trading.International Journal of Social Sciences Educational Studies, 140. Lins, K. V., Servaes, H., Tamayo, A. (2017). Social capital, trust, and firm performance: The value of corporate social responsibility during the financial crisis.The Journal of Finance. Olukowade, E., Balogun, E. (2015). Relevance of Forensic Accounting in the Detection and Prevention of Fraud in Nigeria.International Journal of Accounting Research,2(7), 67-77. Robinson, W. (2015). Poison Pills: Recent Negative Economic Effects Justify Repealing the Related Legislation and Increasing Shareholder Ownership Rights.J. Bus. Entrepreneurship L.,9, 1. Umar, I., Samsudinb, R. S., Mohamedb, M. (2015). The types, costs, prevention and detection of occupational fraud: The ACFE perspective. Wisner, D. L., Brown, B. A. (2015). Corporate Toxicity: The WorldCom/MCI Scandal. Woolley, D. J. (2016). An experimental testing of factors associated with financial statement fraud.Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal,20(3), 167. worldcom-fraud., (2018).business-corporate_scandals. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Jan. 2018]